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How to use corporate gifts in your sales funnels?


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In the entire business world, corporate gifts can easily make a huge difference between sales and an impediment dead silence. But when to use and how to use corporate gifts is the major question that businesses often face. It turns out, and the sales funnel is full of various corporate gifts giving opportunities. Whether you are trying to get the attention of new customers or trying to build relationships with the existing ones, the right corporate gift can play a crucial role. Here we will be discussing in detail how you can use corporate gifts in your sales funnel. 

What is Sales Funnel?

First, you certainly need to understand what exactly is the sales funnel in order to get an idea of about giving corporate gifts through the entire funnel. A sales funnel quite a handy way to easily categorise the entire customer journey from the point of awareness of the customers to the point of sales. At the very top of this funnel, you will actually be focusing on casting a completely wide net as well as raising brand awareness. At its bottom, you will be focusing on working quite closely with your customers in order to address their requirements, highlighting your abilities, provide incentives and finally making the sale. Now, it is time to get deeper into how corporate gifts can impact every stage of the sales funnel in order to know how to use them in the sales funnel.

1. Place it to raise brand awareness

At this particular stage of the sales funnel, your goal is to let the people know about your business and how you actually do it. By means of doing so, you will provide your sales team with an opening to easily initiate a conversation with the potential customers. In order to achieve this, you might have to run targeted ads, gather leads from various industry events as well as create relevant content. All of these ways are a particularly great way to allow your prospects to know about your existing. But you can use corporate gifts to achieve the same. You can provide a well-thought corporate gift to the people to make them aware of your brand.

2. Use it to engage with hand-raisers

In this particular state of the sales funnel, your target customers are aware of your business but aren’t sure what actually makes you the completely best choice. So, now you need to get started on focusing on clearly differentiating yourself about what you do from everyone else. You might be hosting events, creating a blog, posting on social media and highlighting various benefits of your product which are quite unique to your brand. A corporate gift can easily strengthen these efforts by means of reminding the people that you haven’t actually forgotten about them. For instance, a coffee gift card along with a Thank You note can easily be an effective way to reward your customer that are attending your events easily. You may also send a physical corporate gift to the people if they subscribe to your email newsletter.

3. Use it to accelerate the pipeline

Here is where the things actually start to get more exciting. Your potential customers now know about who you are and what actually makes you different from the rest and they are actually coming closer to making a purchase decision. This is the time to get even more personal. At this particular point of the funnel, when you are hosting an event and trying to show a great time to your prospects, you can hand out corporate gifts to the people. This way you are pushing your prospects closer to the final decision-making process of purchasing your product. 

You can easily accentuate these efforts by providing thoughtful as well as relevant corporate gifts. Also, hyper-personalized gifts can easily make a great impact on the people. You can send a corporate gift on the birthday of a person that makes it more personal and drives the person much closer to your brand and creates a relationship.

4. Utilize it to onboard new customers

All of your sales efforts have now paid off, and the target people have become your customer. Now is the time when you should give them a warm welcome which they won’t forget. You may have sent a welcome email along with contact info of your business as well as additional information. But how do you actually make the customer feel like that they aren’t just part of the spreadsheet? Here, reaching out as well as showing the customers that you are welcoming them in a particular community can easily help in creating strong customer advocates. You can give a corporate gift like a branded T-shirt, stickers, or reusable water bottles. It all actually depends on the customer. You need to do proper research and use technology to know more about the customer and show your creativity in order to provide them with corporate gifts that they like and make them truly appreciate your business.

5. Place them to drive adoption

At this point in the sales funnel, you have now welcomed the new customers, but you wish their entire team to get on board with all of your products as well as services. Keeping this in mind, you are more likely to be running onboarding calls or even answering queries from the customers and explaining how your product actually works. In order o up the ante, you should try to drive adoption through the assistance of some corporate gifts. You can send a team to people to teach your customers how to use your products or even use swag bags along with how-to guides to your customers.

6. Try to boost customer advocacy

You shouldn’t forget that the entire marketing efforts of your business don’t end after the purchase of the product is made. In case you wish to retain customers and also build loyalty, then you should show your existing customers that you really care about them. In order to do this, you can arrange to host a customer-only event and distribute corporate gifts to them. Here, you can collect testimonials and also create user groups. If your customers are working class people in IT companies, then you can distribute power banks to them for their smartphones. If your customer is having a birthday, you can send a coffee mug with Happy Birthday imprinted on it.


It doesn’t matter which part of the sales funnel you are in, and you can easily use corporate gifts to turn prospects into your customers. After all, human connections certainly take precedence over data and numbers, and you should use corporate gifts to nurture those connections.

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